Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Reading Log -

  • Title : Purple Heart
  • Author : Ta'Afuli Andrew Fiu
Chapter 1Year – 1970. Moved from western samoa. Family went to chuch and got blessed with nz names. Andrew got accused of trying to steal from a ponsinby shop. I got a feeling that there was racisim towards Pacific islanders due to the way the diary owner handeld the situation and how it could be seen as a miss understanding.

chapter 2 - The Family were now living in mangere. Tey were told by some wealthy european friends to move out of "South Auckland". Andrew talked about 2 hit and run accidents where 2 of his friends were killed. In 1979 andrew enterd "De La Salle" college - a private catholic college for boys . He Developed a love for rugby but while playing for the 2nd 15 he became ill. Andrew colapsed in the middle of a rugby game but the docter prescribed him antibiotics and was told he had a cold but this lasted for weeks . Andrew retold the story about his brother "v" and when v use to get brought home by the police, his dad got sick of this and in the end bate the shit out of him and tied hi up and hund him in the garrage.
The message i got in this chapter was although he was beaten up it was because his farther only wanted what was best for him and in the eend v turned out to be a shop owner and had a family of his own, if the dad hadnt of punished him then he woud have ended up in prison

Chapter 3 - Andrews diagnosed cold continued. He had swolen ancklesand lacked energy and motivation. It wasnt untill he colapsed again while walking to the Letterbox that he was actually sent to hospital. 24 hours later he was diagnoed with rheumatic feaver and was on a sit and wait policy to see what would happen . His heart muscles were weakend and the only thing that he could do was rest. andrew was finally admited to midlemore hospital and placed in ward 8 - an adult ward as the wouldnt get much rest in the kids ward. for the first 4 days andrew was in a 4 - bed room but didnt talk to anyone else. on his fourth day he was moved out and place in a room with mr weston. Andrew wasnt alowed to call him bob as he was too young. he "was also informed by mr weston-and not to shylt that - a coconut . Andrew discribes him as an aragand bigot. Mr weston talks about the war and how he faught so the islanders could take all the perfectly good jobs away.

chapter 4 - the cure that was proposed to andrew was a valve from a pigs heart so this would mean that pork would now be off the dinner Menu

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